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Your servers are the heart of your data center. DMD offers a range of servers to suit your needs, from ‘commodity servers’ to enterprise-class workhorse servers designed to power through tough workloads with grace. If you are unsure of the best servers to handle your workloads, our Systems Architects and Engineers can help.


IBM Power8 Servers are the cream-of-the-crop for enterprise workloads. Available with AIX, IBM i, or Linux OS, Power8 is a popular choice for data center consolidation and high-performance computing.

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Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS is a popular choice for its blend of scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. The UCS Director lets you tune your environment for each application’s requirements.

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Lenovo SystemX

IBM sold its SystemX line to Lenovo in 2014. There was quite a bit of FUD surrounding Lenovo’s Chinese ownership. Lenovo has passed hurdles necessary to supply SystemX to the federal government and has brought manufacturing for North American units to the U.S. and Mexico, in part to allay fears but also becauseĀ of transportation costs. SystemX continues to be a quality x86 server.

Lenovo ThinkServer

Lenovo’s ThinkServer line is a popular line of value-priced x86 servers for small to medium workloads.

Featured Servers

IBM Power System Servers With POWER8 Processor Technology

IBM Power System Servers with POWER8 processor technology

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Lenovo System X

Lenovo System X

Lenovo System X servers are the most reliable in the industry. Equipped with high-performance IntelĀ®…

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