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Power Management

Power ManagementThe task of power management is often overlooked but is essential for smoothing power surges and outages and protecting your mission-critical hardware.  UPSs are fairly low-maintenance but they are not maintenance-free. Mainly, they should be monitored so that in case they give out or their protective capacities have been compromised because of an electrical event, they can be replaced before they are needed.

Our Power Management Partners

DMD Data Systems offers Power Management solutions from Eaton, APC, Emerson, and Liebert. We have extensive experience with these three manufacturers and can recommend the best power management solution for your needs.

UPS as a Service

Power management software is expensive and who has time to travel to branch and remote offices to replace UPSs? For those reasons, DMD Data Systems’ UPS as a Service offering is a valuable time saver and reputation saver. Pay a monthly fee per device; DMD owns the hardware and will bring a replacement unit if our monitoring data tells us that it is no longer functioning up to par. By replacing unhealthy UPSs before they fail our UPS as a Service solution is minimizing the chance of downtime due to power failure or surges.


Eaton UPS for Network, Server, and Storage Devices

  • Rack PDUs
  • Eaton 9PX
  • Intelligent Power Manager

See the Eaton Showcase


  • APC Smart-UPS for Network, Server and Storage Devices


  • Liebert AC Power and UPS for Network, Server  and Storage Devices

UPS as a Service

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