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DR and DR as a Service

Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery and DR as a Service solutions are part of a comprehensive plan for restoring a business to full operation should a disaster, natural or human-made, occur. It involves not only having current, uncorrupted data but also the IT infrastructure to be able to get employees working again. A complete disaster recovery plan requires the input and frequent review by all business units, not just the IT department. Testing and reporting is an important part of the plan. If the DR solution or DR as a Service solution can’t perform when the chips are down, it is vital to know that while problems can be remedied.

Maintaining a remote disaster recovery site is expensive and time-consuming. Complex environments require duplicate hardware. There are many options for outsourcing a DR environment, from colocation to a full DRaaS solution. DR as a Service converts the capital expense of a duplicate set of hardware and software to an operating expense and often includes assistance with planning and testing.

If it has been a while since you have reviewed your disaster recovery plan, or you have existing contracts coming up for renewal, consider exploring your options. DMD Data Systems’ engineers can assist you. We offer a variety of infrastructure and software solutions for disaster recovery including cloud services. DMD Data Systems is an IBM business partner and offers their portfolio of Resiliency Services.

DMD Data Systems has partnered with Recovery Point Systems to offer their Gartner Magic Quadrant rated DR as a Service solutions to our clients. Recovery Point Systems specializes in services for complex heterogeneous environments which may include VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Open Virtual Format (OVF) VMs, as well as IBM AIX  (LPARs), IBM iSeries LPARs and mainframe z/VMs, Linux on z and z/OS LPARs.

Disaster Recovery and DRaaS Solutions

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