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ApplicationsDMD Data Systems offers application software from IBM, Information Builders, Zato Health, and Splunk. Data Analytics applications allow users to gain insights from business data quickly to make informed business decisions. We also offer applications for improving internal communications, enterprise content management, and business processes. For storage management software, please go to the Storage and Storage Management Solutions page.

Data Analytics Software


  • SPSS
  • DB2
  • Cognos
  • IBM Big Insights for Apache Hadoop

Information Builders

  • WebFOCUS
  • iWay Tools and Omni Data Management Platform

Zato Health

  • Healthcare Interoperability Software
  • GPRO-EZ™ ACO Quality Reporting Tool
  • Fraud Detection Solution


  • Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Cloud
  • Splunk Light
  • Hunk

Other Software

IBM Business Solutions

  • Filenet
  • Asset Management
  • Secure File Transfer

IBM Mobile and Social

  • IBM Notes (Formerly Lotus Notes)
  • IBM Verse

IBM IT Infrastructure

  • Business Process Management

Storage Management Software

  • IBM
  • NetApp
  • EMC
  • Cristie
  • Catalogic
  • Rocket Software

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