A hybrid cloud enables the business agility your organization needs – while reducing your IT operating costs by up to 24%1. Allowing you to invest in the innovative technologies that will lead your digital business transformation.

1Source : McKinsey

A hybrid cloud for your traditional and next generation applications. In a solution designed for everyone.

Your company is transforming how you interact with customers. And IT is the foundation of this shift. A hybrid cloud provides you with a single platform designed to reduce the cost of delivering mission-critical IT services - while providing the financial transparency, on-demand services and agility that your business needs.

Imagine if you asked for a bunch of enterprise-class services you’ve always wanted and the answer was yes.

No warnings about the risks of the public cloud, or corporate rules. Simply; “Sure, we’ve even set up your own self-service portal to make it easy.”

You get all your applications as a service super fast. All on-demand.

Get cloud services that meet every need. On-demand.

These on-demand services push everything to the next level. Productivity spikes, complexity disappears, and opportunities become possible that never were before.

For IT

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

This cost-effective, pay-per-use service lets you right-size your resources, from compute, to networking, to storage.

> Save significantly on hardware costs

> Save by scaling performance and capacity-to-workloads and drive efficiency

For your developers

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Developers are able to set up their environments, and then build and deploy applications much faster.

> Applications get to market quicker

> Deploy to both public and private clouds in minutes

For application owners

Application as a Service (AaaS)

Get instant, on-demand access to all the best business apps without the need to install or maintain them.

> Scale up or down based on user needs

> Data is never lost since it’s all in the cloud