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NetApp All Flash FAS

NetApp All Flash FAS is built on the Clustered Data ONTAP storage system and – wait for it – is akin to the NetApp FAS only it has All Flash. Built with enterprise-grade flash memory, the NetApp All Flash FAS provides an enormous performance boost with a much lower price tag than you’d imagine.
Database queries can be returned 20 times faster than before, and that makes for more efficient workers and happier customers. VDI can be implemented with minimal headaches. And because much enterprise software is licensed per core, an All Flash FAS deployment can result in reduced software license costs because with the added storage juice fewer cores need to be engaged. Inline data reduction and compression help extract even more value from All Flash FAS.

“Isn’t this true of all Flash?” you might ask. “Can’t I buy the Flash du jour, the flash equivalent of a knock-off designer watch? I thought it was all the same.” Not true. At the molecular level there are subtle differences which make some flash memory more durable than another. As with all NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP products, the secret is in the software. NetApp’s WAFL system  (Write Anywhere File Layout) uniquely manages i/o for optimal performance and material longevity. As the industry’s only unified all-flash storage that supports synchronous replication, NetApp All Flash FAS can support all your backup and recovery needs with a complete suite of integrated data protection.

Take advantage of the NetApp Flash Advantage program which includes a free controller upgrade, 3X performance guarantee and 7-year support extension. Contact DMD Data Systems for more information or to arrange a Proof of Concept for NetApp All Flash FAS.

NetApp FAS8000

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