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DMD Data Systems Mobile Device Management Solutions

If your employees use smart devices at work, you must take precautions to secure your data!

Having your network hacked can have crippling consequences: extensive downtime, data and systems corruption, financial losses, and the tarnishing of your company’s reputation; not to mention expensive litigation and fines by regulators who are aggressively pursuing and punishing businesses who violate data breach laws by not sufficiently securing the data on their computer networks. Don’t be the next victim!

IBM MaaS360 makes working in a mobile world simple and safe by delivering comprehensive mobile security and management for applications, documents, email, and devices.

IBM MaaS 360 is a leader in the Mobile Device Management space.

IBM MaaS360 (aka Mobile First Protect) provides a comprehensive set of capabilities so you can quickly and easily configure devices for enterprise access and ensure that the corporate data stored on all devices is secure. It supports all major mobile devices including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, as well as Windows and OS X laptops.

MaaS360 Provides Comprehensive Mobile Device Management.

Basic mobile device management along with mobile app management and expense management.

Secure mobile mail and containerize corporate data.

Mobile content management and a mobile document container for secure content collaboration.

Secure browser in which to view documents and access resources behind a firewall.

Take care of mobile malware and arm your devices with advanced threat protection.

We can help you implement and manage Mobile Device Management!

MaaS360 is extremely effective and we can get you up and running quickly.

Mobilizing the Contingent Workforce with Email, Apps, and Content

As the economy has improved businesses have placed more reliance on the contingent workforce to fill the skills gap. Contractors, temporary workers, and freelancers move on to their next assignment, sometimes with your data.

IBM MaaS360 is the trusted enterprise mobility management solution to more than 5,000 customers worldwide -- from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


IBM MaaS360 streamlines the device configuration process using SMS, email or URL for easy end user self-service over-the-air (OTA) enrollment in just minutes to make life simple for IT and mobile employees. IT is automatically notified of any new devices on the network and can quarantine or approve them, ensuring compliance with corporate policies. OTA configuration management provides streamlined delivery and maintenance of corporate device profiles, including Wi-Fi and VPN settings.


Through its unique plug and play approach, IBM MaaS360 makes enterprise system integration easy and straightforward. With Cloud Extender, you can securely integrate with all major email, calendar and contacts platforms including Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Office 365, plus Active Directory, LDAP and any required Certificate Authorities. Robust APIs ease and simplify the integration process.


IBM MaaS360 provides a unified management console for all mobile devices with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms. Through automated workflows, IT can discover, enroll, manage and report on all enterprise-wide devices. In addition, role-based MaaS360 portal rights allow you to expand or restrict access to authorized users. With default management policies for all device types, IT can simply modify an existing policy rather than creating one from scratch. If managing devices sounds like a task your department would rather not take on, DMD Data Systems can implement and manage MaaS360 for you.