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Lenovo System X Servers

Lenovo System X servers are the most reliable in the industry. Equipped with high-performance Intel® Xeon® processors, energy-efficient TruDDR4 memory, an exclusive set of security features and practices, plus optional self-encrypting drives and IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager, these full-featured data center mainstays are an excellent value.

A couple key features of Lenovo System X servers include the following:

80 PLUS Titanium server power supply: Higher efficiency in the bulk power supply of the server means less heat output from the server.

Active or standby power supplies: System x servers support up to six PSUs that are installed in a server or chassis. If a PSU supply fails, the remaining PSUs provide the power and prevent the server from powering down unexpectedly.

Voltage regulator efficiency: There are several VRDs in the system that convert 12 V to the target voltage that is needed for each subsystem. As with the system power supplies, the goal is to make each VRD highly efficient so that minimal power is lost and dissipated as heat.

PCI Express Active State Power Management: Most of the subsystems in a server are connected with PCI Express buses. The PCI Express bus is capable of high bandwidths, but that high bandwidth is not needed all of the time. To avoid wasting power, PCI Express Active State Power Management (ASPM) is used by the operating system (OS) to place the physical layer of PCI Express buses into a low-power state when they are idle or lightly used.

USB selective suspend: When USB selective suspend is enabled, a USB hub can suspend operation of individual USB ports based on the amount of activity on a port. This ability can be useful for USB devices that are used intermittently, such as keyboards, mice, and printers.

240 VA Protection optimized for efficiency: System x servers protect the user and the server hardware by splitting the bulk 12 V power rail into several smaller 12 V power rails and actively monitoring each of the smaller 12 V power rails.

  • System x3650 M5
  • System x3550 M5
  • System x3250 M5
  • System x3750 M4
  • System x3650 M4 BD
  • System x3650 M4 HD
  • System x3650 M4
  • System x3630 M4
  • System x3550 M4
  • System x3530 M4
  • System x X6 Servers