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IBM XIV Storage System

IBM XIV Storage System is an industry-leading block storage solution that offers enterprise-quality consistently reliable, tune-free storage performance with the five-nines of availability and continuous operation demanded by today’s marketplace. It sets the industry standard for security with built-in governance features and encrypted data at rest, and it is designed with simplified management and an intuitive user interface.

IBM XIV ideal for virtualized environments and cloud

XIV offers an ideal storage platform for cloud and virtualized environments that are based on VMware technology. The large majority of XIV customers use VMware solutions to virtualize their server environments and perhaps also to deliver private or public cloud services. Because of the tight integration with VMware, XIV solutions offer high levels of performance that support dynamic and mixed workloads.

IBM XIV offers comprehensive mirroring and snapshots

The IBM XIV Storage System offers a powerful and comprehensive mirroring solution to support business continuity needs. Proven snapshot-based technology comes included. Asynchronous mirroring employs patented XIV breakthrough snapshot technology, which streamlines implementation while demonstrating stellar performance for low-RPO mirroring applications. In contrast with traditional snapshot implementations, XIV snapshot technology is an inherent part of the base system architecture; it has not been appended to a pre-existing system architecture. This level of integration obviates architectural restrictions that have traditionally prevented systems from providing high snapshot-related performance. Notable XIV snapshot mirroring features include:

  • Support for a large number of snapshots
  • Functionality to snapshot a volume, a volume consistency group or another snapshot
  • Ability to restore a volume, a volume consistency group or a snapshot—from a snapshot
  • High performance by leveraging effective snapshot technology

XIV supports both synchronous mirroring and asynchronous mirroring recovery (as long as the media error is in a partition shared between the volume and the Last Replicated Snapshot). XIV supports three-way mirroring in a concurrent topology. The three-way mirror is composed of a single source replicating with two destinations (one synchronously and the other asynchronously).

Breakthough scaling with IBM Hyper-Scale

IBM XIV offers breakthrough scaling with IBM Hyper-Scale. You can manage over 140 arrays, balance workloads across arrays, and scale data protection in the cloud. Automatic load balancing and self-tuning make the XIV easy to manage.

IBM XIV features self-healing architecture

Virtualized grid architecture and algorithms divide host data into 1 MB partitions and distribute them for consistent load and elimination of hotspots. A data redistribution takes place automatically after new hardware is added, removed, or has failed. This self-healing architecture offsets hardware malfunctions, minimizing maintenance and providing flexibility.

Low Total Cost of Ownership with off-the-shelf drives

IBM XIV Storage System offers low total cost of ownership because high capacity and low cost of the off-the-shelf serial-attached SAS drives, network switches, and power components. System software licensing includes quality-of-service (QoS), snapshots, thin provisioning, data migration, asynchronous and synchronous mirroring, and the intuitive GUI. Optional Flash (SSD) caching adds up to 12TB of management-free caching power to the whole system, providing up to 4x better performance for application workloads without defining policies for setup, administration, or migration.

The IBM XIV Storage System is fully virtualized storage designed to eliminate the need for performance tuning, planning for capacity and performance growth, and numerous other storage management activities. The highly intuitive XIV GUI and built-in management tools make administrative tasks easy and efficient, with little training or expertise required, from provisioning volumes to monitoring multiple systems. A powerful command-line interface supports complex scripting. The unified console enables one-stop centralized administration of multiple XIV systems. The IBM XIV Mobile Dashboard is accessible on the Apple iPhone and iPad and Android devices for the flexibility to perform management tasks on the go.

IBM XIV Storage System

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