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IBM Resiliency Services

IBM Resiliency Services encompass several different offerings. All contribute to a business’s ability to withstand a variety of incidents and accidents and get back to work quickly. For many businesses, application downtime means a rapid loss of personnel productivity and also a lack of customer transactions.

Downtime hurts the bottom line in many ways. Doing all you can to prevent it is crucially important. IBM’s longevity as a company, its 100% success rate in meeting its commitments to clients who have declared a disaster, and its sheer number of service professionals and resiliency centers across the world all contribute to peace of mind when engaging IBM for Resiliency Services.

Resiliency Services are more than just making regular backups of data. IBM Resiliency Services cover recovery from backup, disaster recovery, high availability, plus the assessments and planning to make sure that what you have in place will actually work when the chips are down.

IBM Resiliency Services


An assessment from the pros at IBM will identify the current state of IT resiliency. An IBM Resiliency Services assessment will gather information about the entire business, across multiple locations and silos, to uncover areas of vulnerability.


IBM Resiliency Services consultants advise and prioritize, making recommendations based on industry best practices.

Planning and Design

IBM professionals will work with your team to develop a resiliency strategy, integrating continuity, security, and recovery. Your business is in a strong position when processes are in place and documentation is complete.

Implementation and Testing

Putting the plan in place, training, and testing all while keeping the business running is often too much. Implementation and testing services ensure that plans become reality.

Resiliency Communications as a Service

During an unplanned incident, will your communications infrastructure still be reliable? The lack of prompt communications from an organization’s top executives and response team leads to lack of confidence and deteriorating image. Engage IBM Resiliency Communications as a Service so that in an emergency correct information is provided to employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Cloud backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up data to a trusted off-premise data center and the ability to temporarily recreate your data center should disaster strike is becoming the norm. IBM’s SoftLayer cloud delivers.

Business Continuity Management

Effective business continuity management employs a holistic top-down approach. Rather than IT doing the nagging across business units, top level executives must champion business continuity and ensure that it is baked into everything the company does. IBM and DMD Data Systems can help to bring that about in your organization.

High Availability

High availability ensures that redundancies are built in to all aspects of IT. Single points of failure are eliminated so that your environment is inherently stable and reliable.

Whether your company is affected by a natural disaster, hacking, or human error (actually the most common reason for downtime) it is the follow-through that matters. Like most other things, you get what you pay for. A complete resiliency program from IBM Resiliency Services provides best in class protection. DMD Data Systems, an IBM Premier Business Partner, can work with you to engage IBM incrementally, for particular services, or to put a comprehensive resiliency plan in place.

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