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IBM FlashSystem

IBM FlashSystem

Looking for a powerful performance engine for your storage architecture? IBM FlashSystem technology offers the extremely low latency expected from Flash disk combined with enterprise reliability. Built on technology acquired from Texas Memory Systems, the IBM FlashSystem product line has over 20 years of deployments to its credit.

IBM FlashSystem Offers Extreme Performance

IBM FlashSystem is optimized for scalability, aggregate inputs/outputs per second (IOPS) and bandwidth in addition to the low-latency offered by all flash storage. As operational and analytical workloads increase, IBM FlashSystem continues to scale with minimal loss of latency. Data reads and writes are delivered in the hundred-microsecond range.

IBM FlashSystem Delivers Macro Efficiency

Using less wattage than a hairdryer, IBM FlashSystem delivers its extreme performance in a tiny footprint. The arrays are some of the densest in the market and dozens of terabytes of storage can be placed in only a few racks. Over one million IOPS with 625 watts of power and no special HVAC – these savings contribute to a low TCO compared with other storage.

IBM FlashSystem Brings Peace of Mind with Enterprise Reliability

FlashSystem is designed with two RAID dimensions – system-level RAID coupled with IBM’s patented Variable Stripe RAID at the flash module level. The result is no single point of failure. FlashSystem has more built-in data protection levels than competitors’ flash storage. This architecture allows for rapid servicing and hot software and firmware updates.

85% Better Storage Utilization for low TCO

FlashSystem adds up to 19 times less power consumed and 74 times less environmental impact. Of course those things matter to the organization as a whole, and individually as we seek to be good stewards of our environment. But talking strictly IT – the 85% improved storage utilization is an important factor in adding Flash to your environment. FlashSystem is easy to integrate with your existing storage, and the performance boost you will realize will delight your users. Deploy all-flash storage for less than the cost of hard-disk drives (HDDs) with IBM Real-time Compression™

Introducing FlashSystem A9000 and FlashSystem A9000R

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