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Cleversafe Object Storage Software

Cleversafe Object Storage Software enables enterprises to store large quantities of unstructured data very efficiently and securely. Its unique method of slicing and encrypting data provides the level of availability equivalent to maintaining between three and four replicated copies while using as little as a fifth of the storage space.

Web-scale Storage Platform

Cleversafe is the leading software platform for object based web-scale storage. Cleversafe Object Storage Software is popular with public cloud providers. It is also popular with organizations using the private cloud model for internal storage delivery. Web-scale storage architecture is software-defined, so it runs on commodity hardware. Capacity and performance can be scaled independently. The software-defined approach is increasingly important as volumes grow. Software-defines storage is key not only for ease of management but for reducing costs.

Dispersed Storage Protocol

Cleversafe Object Storage Software Dispersed StorageCleversafe’s Dispersed Storage Protocol uses algorithms to slice up data so that only a subset of the slices are needed in order to derive the original data. Slices are distributed across nodes which may be local or remote. There are many benefits to using the dispersed storage protocol.


Parallel processing eliminates bottlenecks

Because slices are distributed, I/O bottlenecks can be avoided. Writes and reads can be processed for optimum performance.

High Availability without Replication

When slices are geographically dispersed, an entire site can fail and data seamlessly re-created from the remaining slices. Zero-downtime upgrades can occur easily also. (In essence the same as a planned failure.) The other sites quite literally and seamlessly pick up the pieces and move on, yielding nine nines of availability, an imperceptible amount of time.


Because each slice of data is encrypted and no full copy of data exists on any storage volume, dispersed storage is more secure than other data storage, both in motion and at rest.

Ease of Management

Storage administrators can manage fifteen times more data with Cleversafe Object Storage Platform.

Is Cleversafe Object Storage Software a fit for your organization?

Cleversafe might be a good fit if your organization has 500 terabytes or more of unstructured data (data not in traditional databases or files, such as images, videos, or sensor data) and it will continue to increase. The data should require long-term retention and accessibility. Network connectivity is important, and high-quality bandwidth if sites are geographically dispersed.

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