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Equipping the Vacation-friendly Data Center

No one likes to think that they are dispensable. We all like to feel like we (and our skills) are very necessary to our organizations. Except when we want to be able to take a vacation, that is. Then, it’s wonderful to place our to-do list in someone else’s capable hands for a week or ten days without having to constantly check our phones for urgent messages. Numerous polls reveal that the typical American doesn’t take anywhere near their allotted vacation time, time that studies show is very beneficial to our overall job effectiveness and health. Yet it can be done, even by highly valued technical employees with specialized knowledge. Here are some strategies to ensure that you and your team can take a needed getaway.

Document, document, document

The more well-documented your systems, processes, and procedures are, the easier it is to leave that documentation in the capable hands of someone else as you hit the highway to the mountains or hop a flight to the beach.

Make automation work for you

In this software-defined-everything age, there are many ways to automate routine processes so you can set-and-forget everything from backups to server provisioning. Make sure you are taking advantage of the automation functionality of the hardware and software you already own.

Embrace Self-Service

A level up from automation is self-service. Automating your own work is smart, but making it very easy for people to do for themselves what you normally do for them is even smarter. Set the boundaries and watch the pace quicken as people provision their own applications and resources, governed by your pre-set security requirements and various budgetary constraints.

Look to Converged or Hyperconverged, plus Cloud

Simpler and more flexible data center architectures are easier to manage and scale. As you look to replace aging systems, consider converged and hyperconverged solutions which work seamlessly with public cloud. One popular option is IBM and Cisco’s VersaStack for Hybrid Cloud.

Develop trusted partnerships

A good business partner can advise you on how to transition to a more vacation-friendly data center model, as well as provide short-term coverage for your people and be there as a back-up should a situation escalate. If your IT partner isn’t really there for you except when you’re making a big purchase, give us a call. We can help your team get the vacation they need to be their best.

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